There are always times when you see a picture, and you will be disappointed. It might be something obvious like the exposure or the white balance: you can see what is wrong but you don't have a clue what to do about it.

Othertimes, it might just be a general feeling of disappointment. You thought that a picture was going to be great, but when you see it on a computer screen you know that something isn't quite right, but aren't sure what.

This is why we have set up the photo clinic. Using his years of experience, Steve will try to analyse what went wrong, and how you can improve it. Sometimes this is something that can be done in post-processing, othertimes it is a technique that you will have to bear in mind for next time!

Obviously Steve can't personall respond to your pictures, and depending on how many we receive, we won't be able to show them all. If you would like the chance of your picture receiving the photo clinic tretment then email it to

To help Steve to identify the problem, please send your picture with all the metadata intact. This will help to work out the type of camera and settings used.