Footprint Travel Photography

Footprint Travel Photography is all that you will ever need to improve your travel photography. It takes you from the vital preparation and selecting of equipment before you go, to the ins and outs of being on the road. It exhaustively covers the technical and practical aspects of travel photography before looking at how to tweak and improve your pictures on a computer. There is even a section for those who would like to make some money out of their hobby.

Travel photography is about more that just technicalities: a travel photographer has to work in many styles and this guide has an extensive inspiration section, giving hints and tips for different picture taking scenarios you will encounter.

It is not all hard work: this book will also show you how travel photography can enhance your travel experience. As a keen travel photographer you will see more sunrises, try more bizarre food, see more things and most of all talk to far more local people that you ever would as a traveller. Rather than just hanging back and observing, a travel photographer has to see, feel and experience to put life and creativity into your pictures.

With Footprint Travel Photography, you don’t just get a book: you get access to a dedicated website that will have further information, more in depth professional tips and extra image galleries. Uniquely, the website gives you the opportunity to ask questions direct to the author and even submit your own pictures for comment and criticism.

This second edition has been completely revised to reflect new technology and software, with updated sections on composition, exposure, portraits and post-processing using Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud, Elements 11 and Lightroom 5. It features over 100 new photographs and over 50 revised illustrations.


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Footprint Travel Photography 2e, by Steve Davey

Published by Footprint Handbooks

ISBN: 1906098425 • Price 19.99


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